Bike groceries!

A new grocery store just opened up close to my house, so I can finally do all my errands by bicycle! This is my first haul. I forgot my cloth bags this time. Oops! Perhaps the bags are offset by bike power?


Anniversary dinner!


Three pieces of French toast, two eggs, four pieces of peppered bacon, melted Beemster mild cheese, cucumber, tomato, romaine lettuce, mayo, and Canadian maple syrup. Sooooo delicious!

Winter project: completed bike!

wpid-IMG_20140114_123451.jpgMy city bike is finished! I had to swap out the new tires for another set that I had. At 42mm, they were too big to fit under the fenders. the replacements are 700 x 38mm Serfas Vida tires. I was able to take it for a couple mile test ride. The bike shifted great and the coaster brakes work fine. I’m quite happy with the outcome.

I was going for an updated classic French Art-Deco look. The handlebars are copies of classic French city bars and the “Zeppelin” fenders ooze Art Deco. One could pop out for fromage et vin after a long day riding a brevet.

I plan to remove the front brake at some point, once I feel comfortable depending on the coaster brake alone. I also put off running the lighting wires through the frame. It’s just too much fiddly, time-consuming work at this time. I’ll also probably tie a leather turk’s head knot on the kickstand to match the ones on the handlebars.

Specs and photos after the jump! Sorry for the cluttered photos. I couldn’t get outside due to the weather.

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Century ride!

wpid-IMG_20130928_102953.jpgSo I totally forgot to post my century bicycle ride from September 28, 2013. Oops!

I cycled on the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail from the Memorial Parkway Trailhead. I headed north just ahead of the Akron Marathon runners for the first few miles. Apparently, the trail was supposed to be closed. That would explain all of the spectators cheering me on! I continued north until the Tremont Trailhead, took a short break, and cycled south.

Lunch was at the Memorial Parkway Trailhead. This was a metric century in case I wasn’t up to the whole ride. After a half hour break, I cycled through downtown Akron and south to Franklin Township. The last 20 miles found my hands a little tingly and my ass ready for something soft. I made it though, and probably had the legs for another 20 miles of flat cycling. Here’s my approximate route.



My chosen bicycle was my January 1974 Mocha Brown Raleigh Sports 3-speed tank of a bike. It was built the month after I was born. It’s not the fastest and certainly isn’t the lightest (it’s super heavy), but it’s comfortable and fast enough for me. The entire trip was around 9 hours and the actual time in the saddle was around 7.5 hours. My biggest impression was that I needed a partner next time. I was pretty bored for most of the trip and listened to Pandora on my phone a lot. The weather was beautiful – sunny and in the 70’s F (20’s C).


wpid-IMG_20130928_171910.jpgI may try again next year, but probably only with a partner. I’m pretty happy to have accomplished my first hundred mile ride!

Project of the day: cigar box storage

Cigar box shelving Cigar box shelvingTried to figure out some wall storage. Here’s what I came up with. It works pretty well. The spacing isn’t perfect, so some of the cigar boxes are a little tight. You just have wiggle them a little. :)

I cut grooves in the board that’s attached to the wall measured to just fit each cigar box plus the support thickness. Each support piece is held with glue and screws. The whole unit is then screwed to the wall.

Winter Project: 700c Wheelset – Complete!

700c WheelsetFinished my wheels in an evening! Building wheels is fun. I’m trying to set up my red Schwinn as a super reliable city bike – no external cables and with internal wiring for the lighting. This wheelset should be good for fast pavement rides, hopping curbs, and dirt/gravel trails. I’ll post more about the bike once all the parts are in. But for now, here are the specs on the wheels:

  • Front Hub: Shimano DH-3D72 Dynohub. I got two of these for around 60% off the regular price. One is on my vintage Hercules (Which I need to photograph and post). These are good hubs.
  • Rear Hub: Sturmey Archer S2C Kickback 2-speed hub with coaster brake. Pedal backwards a little bit to switch between 1st and 2nd gears. No Cables!
  • Rims: Alexrims Adventurer
  • Tires: Continental Speedride. Widest low rolling resistance tires I could find. Good for concrete and off-road.
  • Spokes/Nipples: 14g stainless spokes with brass nipples. Both in black.


Autumn project: recycled corduroy quilt

Corduroy quilt with flannel shorting lining.

Corduroy quilt with flannel shirting lining.

Catching up on projects after a ton of life explosions. First up: Autumnal Quilt!

Made myself a giant new quilt from a ton of thrift store, wide-wale corduroy pants. The lining is flannel shirting which is softer than ordinary blanket flannel. It’s my favorite blanket ever. It weighs a ton, moderates temperature perfectly, and is extra-snuggly.

Winter project: 700c wheelset


I combined my birthday and holiday gifts to buy parts for a new wheel set for my city bike. I’m super excited to put them together. It’s the first completely new wheel set I’ve built. I’ll post the completed wheels with specs.

Led 3-speeds!


Pair of 1974 Raleigh Sports.

Observe the overwhelming beauty of led-lit English 3-speeds at dusk! More photos after the jump.
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Finished bike project!


1989 Schwinn

1989 Schwinn World Sport Single-Speed Project



I finally finished up a bike project that started last summer. It’s a 1989 Schwinn World 10-speed that I converted to a one-speed fixed/free. Barring a magical bicycle benefactor appearing, I’m calling it complete. It weighs in at approximately 25 lbs. as shown. More photos are below the break.

Here’s what I did with it:

  • Completely disassembled, cleaned, greased, and waxed.
  • 700c Retrospec single-speed flip-flop hub wheelset.
  • Vintage Shimano wing nuts on front wheel.
  • Shimano UN55 107mm sealed bottom bracket.
  • 46-tooth white no-name alloy crankset.
  • All City white track pedals.
  • White and chrome KMC chain.
  • Antique 1950’s chrome chainguard salvaged from a sad Hawthorne-Hercules 3-speed.
  • Dimension Cork grips that I cut down.
  • Velo-Orange Montmartre Handlebars – I like these better than expected.
  • Velo-Orange City brake levers.
  • White water bottle cage (no-name).
  • No-name, Planet-Bike-clone rear light.
  • Saddle is one that I’ve owned for years that has red and black on it. :)

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