Monthly Archives: March 2011

Project of the day: Sterling silver rings

A set of rings based on the carrick bend. Sailors used to give similar rings to their sweetheart as a reminder of their love when they were away at sea. It’s composed of 2 separate wires inextricably tied together.


New Flash Fiction

He’s excited; practically shaking.

“World-changing … that’s what it is, you know? It’s fast enough to distribute new editions every day.”

She doesn’t turn from her work. “Your colleagues are in the front room.”

“Things will be different soon, Love … better!” He nearly trips over himself as he rushes out of the kitchen.

She stokes the kitchen fire. The embers have almost died out.

Dinner: veggie burger

Spicy bean Patty on a whole grain thin bun with avocado, pickled beet slices, Swiss cheese & sour cream. Seriously yummy!


Dinner: curry!

Yummy yellow curry and coconut milk with avocados.


Project of the day: upgrade pc’s secure digital card reader

Apparently, the only difference between a regular SD card (and its 2GB limit) and a SDHC card reader is a hotfix patch from Microsoft. Hunh …