Monthly Archives: April 2011

Project of the day: Secure shell backup monitoring with Droid phone

Warning: Nerd Content!

Through a series of hardware failures, I ended up picking up an Iomega iConnect NAS device and a new broadband router. I can now connect to my wireless network with my Droid phone.

The iConnect’s backup interface doesn’t seem to like working with a terabyte or so of info, but luckily it runs linux. A simple setting/hack turns on secure shell access, so I can set up backups using the cron and rsync. A complete backup takes around 18 hours or so. I like to monitor things, and the Droid market had a free app called ConnectBot that acts as an ssh client, so I can keep an eye on things from my phone.

Here’s a screenshot of my Droid running top on the iConnect. This type of thing makes nerds happy. I also figured out how to do screenshots on my Droid. This also makes nerds happy.

SSH to Iomega iConnect media server via Droid phone

SSH to Iomega iConnect NAS via Droid phone

Project of the day: Re-upholstered bench

Replaced two layers of icky icky old fabric Friday afternoon. New stuff was on sale at JoAnne’s.


Dessert: bunny butt sundaes

Marshmallows, ice cream, coconut, and cookie crumbs make up a fun springtime dessert!


Dinner: saag panir

Looks like lawn clippings; tastes divine! I used tofu instead of the traditional panir cheese.


Project of the day: Silk-dyed eggs

Found out how to transfer silk prints from here. It worked pretty well, but I should have used rubber bands instead of string. About a third came out well. Silk ties worked the best and you need to wrap them tightly.


Project of the Day: Transmission repair

Saturn Automatic Transmission Valve Body

Got out to the garage early today and replaced the valve body in my Saturn SL1′s transmission. It was slamming hard into reverse and not shifting properly into the other gears. Cost was about $200 and 4 hours of time. I reckon it would have easily cost between $800-$1200 to have it done at a shop.

Here’s the part:
Saturn Automatic Transmission Valve Body

And here are the gears underneath:
Saturn Automatic Transmission Gears

I also changed the transmission fluid and filter, cleaned out the EGR valve, tested the ECTS (Coolant Sensor), and tested the secondary emissions system.

As an aside, I planted cherry and paw-paw trees and three raspberry bushes, home schooled the kids, and installed 6 garden lights. I got a nap too, but I’m bushed.

New Flash Fiction

The scent possesses him; urges him on.
Dashing through the grasses he arrives panting at the copse.
Eyes reflect the dim night illumination.
He stalks forward in reply to her low growl.

Project of the day: Data recovery Monday!

A series of hard drive crashes and viral infections have forced the issue. Time to refajigger the computer hardware and retire some dying storage.


Project of the day: rope swing

What kid doesn’t want a rope swing in an oak tree. It was safely  installed from the ground.