Project of the Day: Transmission repair

Got out to the garage early today and replaced the valve body in my Saturn SL1′s transmission. It was slamming hard into reverse and not shifting properly into the other gears. Cost was about $200 and 4 hours of time. I reckon it would have easily cost between $800-$1200 to have it done at a shop.

Here’s the part:
Saturn Automatic Transmission Valve Body

And here are the gears underneath:
Saturn Automatic Transmission Gears

I also changed the transmission fluid and filter, cleaned out the EGR valve, tested the ECTS (Coolant Sensor), and tested the secondary emissions system.

As an aside, I planted cherry and paw-paw trees and three raspberry bushes, home schooled the kids, and installed 6 garden lights. I got a nap too, but I’m bushed.

  1. can you please tell me where did you buy your valve body for your saturn ? because i have a 1996 saturn and i need a valve body for it . thanks

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