Monthly Archives: January 2012

Weirdness of the day: children’s cook book

Looks great!


Toe socks!

Thank you, Sock Dreams!

Merino wool toe socks in men’s sizes are fantastic!


Past project: bell bottoms

Here’s a set of jeans that needed to be patched. They wear out around the belt loops and the back pockets. I figured I might as well add some bell-bottom goodness to the legs while I had the sewing machine out.


Project of the day: starter replacement

Meet the bane of my existence for the last two days. It is the starter from my late-model Saturn s-series.

It had to be towed home. The drive was too slippery to push it into the garage, so yesterday I suited up and wrestled with it.
After 2.5 hours and a bout of freezy, panicky claustrophobia, I called it a day. Everything was together except for the last bolt. I fooled with that last bolt for an hour. It was tucked up out of the way and not visible. One had to have arms the size of a small child with the strength of a gorilla to get it.

The snow melted enough to push it into the garage, so this morning I gave it another go. I got lucky and hit it on the first try. Then I took the kids swimming. :)


Past projects: N-scale train terrarium

I’m going to start posting some of my projects that were completed prior to my website update.

This is a terrarium/micro-train layout built on an industrial machine gear and covered with a cloche from a defunct anniversary clock. Not photographed is the working street light that I later added. Alas, the fern has now passed on to its next incarnation (as has the moss), but I have purchased a replacement that is awaiting installation.


Christmas presents: Stripey silliness

This is a set of flannel-backed items I made this year. In increasing silliness, we have a set of spats, two colarettes, two pair of thong panties, two sets of ridiculous pasties, and lace-up-ass undies. Make certain you can handle the answers if you ask questions.


Christmas presents: berets!

Here are a couple of berets I sewed up for K for Christmas as modeled by D and J. They’re both reversible. The top one is made of wool felt on one side and a poly microfiber on the other. The bottom one has velvet (the good stuff) on one side and wide-wale corduroy on the reverse.



Weirdness of the day: Spongebob Bandages

In keeping with the band-aid theme, we have Spongebob moving into new lines of work. If you will remember, he was working in the posterior cleaning trade. Apparently he’s now available to sop up your child’s blood – ew!


Weirdness of the day: abusive Minnie Mouse

Saw these band-aids at the grocery store. Pay close attention to the middle, pink bandage. Yes, Minnie is slapping Mickey full on the face. I’m pretty sure that spousal abuse band-aids are not okay.


Sorry about the focus. My camera couldn’t lock on to the shiny tin.

Weirdness of the day: freaking huge spider

I have never seen such a colorful, large spider this far north. I took this photo in late October. It was about as big as a half dollar. I could see her eyes she was so large. Her colourings were impressive.