Monthly Archives: February 2012

Project of the day: J’s Stop Motion Animations

I fixed J up with some stop motion software on my unused Droid phone today. He took to it immediately. I’m hoping to get him fixed up with sound effects, voices, and music at some point. Here is one of his longer silent films. The speech bubble at the beginning says “Me again.” The green brain slugs have been featured in several of his short films. Keep in mind that he just turned 9 yesterday. :)

Project of the day: CNC Mill Electronics

I’ve finally been able to make a little time to work on my CNC mill/router project.

I have a dedicated controller PC built from three old PCs. Older desktops are best as they don’t have all the power saving features that interfere with real-time processing and control. It runs Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS from The OS comes as a live CD that you can try out to make sure it will work with your hardware before you commit to installing it. It installs a basic system that has everything you need to run a CNC machine with EMC2 (control software). It’s also free, which is pretty great!

The controller hardware and motors are from Xylotex. I have a 3-axs controller and 425 oz. motors. I tested the software and hardware out today. Below are the results:

The next step is to build the actual mill table. This will probably wait until warmer weather arrives.

Project of the day: birthday cake!

Here’s J’s birthday cake. It’s vanilla white cake with peanut butter frosting. It will be devoured shortly.