Spring project: single speed/fixie road bike

The first of my three bike projects this spring, this is an 80′s vintage Concord Freedom 12 that I’ve converted to single speed. I picked it up at the local thrift store for $15 a few years ago for the $40 saddle that was on it. I kept it around because on the nice large frame that fit me well. I completely disassembled, cleaned, washed, waxed, oiled, and greased everything. I also removed everything that I deemed unnecessary for a single speed. Many people go with one or no brakes and use the pedals to slow down with a fixed gear bike. I’m not overly thrilled with trading a very small amount of weight for safety. Also, being a flip-flop hub, I want two separate breaking mechanisms when using the freewheel side.

The saddle is from an 80′s Raliegh. It’s old, but it’s in good condition, fully sprung, and comfy. I’d like to replace it with a Brooks b135 next year. There’s a new moustache handlebar wrapped with cork tape. It looks racier flipped down, but my back isn’t up to that these days.

I took a chance on a Retrospec 700c flip-flop hub wheelset. It was pretty cheap on Amazon.com. They need some touch-up trueing, but I’m happy with them. There’s new single-speed chain and new pedals with toe cages and straps (I’m not a clipless fan).

It’s by far my lightest bike. I need to get mirrors, bags, and lights installed, but for well under $200, I’m very pleased with the outcome.




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