Monthly Archives: May 2012

Past Projects: Recumbent Long Racer

I built this bike about 4-5 years ago and won a few things from for the effort. Also, I ended up with a pretty sweet ride! Here’s the link to build your own: I still haven’t got around to painting it, but I have high hopes for next spring! This year has been full of other pressing bike projects (which I plan to post photos of soon).

Here’s a video of the bike during a test run:

Project of the Day: New Blog for my Kid

Set up a new blog for one of my kids today. It can be found here:

He plans to post video games he has programmed, artwork, lego creations, bug photos, stop-motion videos, and books he has created. He’s a pretty creative kid. Check it out some time.

Past projects: bleach tie dye shirts

Pretty happy with these bleach tie-dye shirts. Made some paper cut-outs and used straight bleach in a spray bottle.