Monthly Archives: September 2012

Past Projects: Center steer bike

This bike is my version of a center-steer, negative-trail “Python” recumbent bike that I built around 5 years ago. It was my first welding project and my first bike. This style of bike is supposed to be unrideable. This isn’t the case in reality; it’s just difficult and takes practice.

For me, it was more of a proof of concept, rather than something to ride seriously. The frame is in my garage attic and most of the components have found homes in other projects.

Past project: light bulb terrarium

Here’s one of a series of light-bulb terrariums I did a little while back. They’re filled with stones, small ferns, and moss. The ends are capped with bees wax. The stand is copper wire that I bent and hammered to make leaf shapes. The wires were then wrapped and soldered together.


Bike project: 1978ish Huffy Sea Pines

Here’s a 70′s vintage ladies Huffy “Sea Pines” 3-speed I picked up for cheap. It’s slated to be a birthday present for my mom (so don’t mention it to her until after the end of the month, please!). It needed refurbishment badly. After disassembly, cleaning, rust removal, polishing, and a few new parts, it looks very good and runs at least as good as new.


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Past projects: N-scale buildings

Made these N-Scale buildings as a test for a larger train set project. I plan on creating a very small bookshelf-sized set based on the Studio Ghibli film Kiki’s Delivery Service. These houses appear briefly in the film and are small enough to use as a test.

They are made of polymer clay. I figured out how to make both clear and translucent windows with proper mullions by printing out the pattern that I wanted on a laser printer and then adding a drop of clear Sculpy liquid. Once baked, the paper will slough off with a little rubbing under water, leaving the ink behind.

All of the details are done with a small pick and include a dove with nest and eggs, ivy, and various window boxes with plants and flowers. These were done around 4 years ago and is part of a much longer-term project.