CNC Update

Copyright David Steele

Copyright David Steele

I’ve been working on the Y-axis on my big CNC router (2′x4′ table), but have calculated that it will probably take until late fall at the earliest to complete the machine. I want to be using a CNC router this summer, not building one, so my plans have changed. With the plans I purchased, I got a set of free plans for a simpler, smaller unit. I estimate that I can get this done in a couple of weeks at most. I can also use this unit to manufacture pieces for the bigger unit.

So that’s the new plan. I purchased all my materials and the total for the build will be around $110. I’ll use the electronics and motors that I purchased for the larger unit for now and move it over once the big unit is ready.

I estimate that I can do 75% of the CNC projects that I want to do on this smaller unit. That’s good enough for now. It’ll also give me experience without risking expensive parts on a more manageable machine.

Plans are from here. I’m quite happy with the quality. I’ve already cut the lumber and started layout. More updates with photos soon.

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