Autumn project: recycled corduroy quilt

Corduroy quilt with flannel shorting lining.

Corduroy quilt with flannel shirting lining.

Catching up on projects after a ton of life explosions. First up: Autumnal Quilt!

Made myself a giant new quilt from a ton of thrift store, wide-wale corduroy pants. The lining is flannel shirting which is softer than ordinary blanket flannel. It’s my favorite blanket ever. It weighs a ton, moderates temperature perfectly, and is extra-snuggly.

  1. Dear Verne, I love your quilt! I stumbled on it while looking for ideas of what I could do with my Dad’s corduroy shirts. I sew a bit, but have never even considered tackling a quilt. I sent my sister-in-law the picture, as she is a quilter and she suggested I ask a couple of questions. Can you please tell me what size seam allowance you need with corduroy, and how you handled the seams (did you press them open to reduce bulk?)? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Loretta

    • I did 1/4″ seem allowance. That seems to work fine. I mooshed the seams out while I was sewing, but didn’t press them. Probably would have been a good idea. Doing large squares made the project easier. You should be able to tackle the quilt top. Pinning and quilting was mostly just unwieldy. Good luck!

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