Century ride!

wpid-IMG_20130928_102953.jpgSo I totally forgot to post my century bicycle ride from September 28, 2013. Oops!

I cycled on the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail from the Memorial Parkway Trailhead. I headed north just ahead of the Akron Marathon runners for the first few miles. Apparently, the trail was supposed to be closed. That would explain all of the spectators cheering me on! I continued north until the Tremont Trailhead, took a short break, and cycled south.

Lunch was at the Memorial Parkway Trailhead. This was a metric century in case I wasn’t up to the whole ride. After a half hour break, I cycled through downtown Akron and south to Franklin Township. The last 20 miles found my hands a little tingly and my ass ready for something soft. I made it though, and probably had the legs for another 20 miles of flat cycling. Here’s my approximate route.



My chosen bicycle was my January 1974 Mocha Brown Raleigh Sports 3-speed tank of a bike. It was built the month after I was born. It’s not the fastest and certainly isn’t the lightest (it’s super heavy), but it’s comfortable and fast enough for me. The entire trip was around 9 hours and the actual time in the saddle was around 7.5 hours. My biggest impression was that I needed a partner next time. I was pretty bored for most of the trip and listened to Pandora on my phone a lot. The weather was beautiful – sunny and in the 70′s F (20′s C).


wpid-IMG_20130928_171910.jpgI may try again next year, but probably only with a partner. I’m pretty happy to have accomplished my first hundred mile ride!

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