Winter Project: 700c Wheelset – Complete!

700c WheelsetFinished my wheels in an evening! Building wheels is fun. I’m trying to set up my red Schwinn as a super reliable city bike – no external cables and with internal wiring for the lighting. This wheelset should be good for fast pavement rides, hopping curbs, and dirt/gravel trails. I’ll post more about the bike once all the parts are in. But for now, here are the specs on the wheels:

  • Front Hub: Shimano DH-3D72 Dynohub. I got two of these for around 60% off the regular price. One is on my vintage Hercules (Which I need to photograph and post). These are good hubs.
  • Rear Hub: Sturmey Archer S2C Kickback 2-speed hub with coaster brake. Pedal backwards a little bit to switch between 1st and 2nd gears. No Cables!
  • Rims: Alexrims Adventurer
  • Tires: Continental Speedride. Widest low rolling resistance tires I could find. Good for concrete and off-road.
  • Spokes/Nipples: 14g stainless spokes with brass nipples. Both in black.


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