Winter project: completed bike!

wpid-IMG_20140114_123451.jpgMy city bike is finished! I had to swap out the new tires for another set that I had. At 42mm, they were too big to fit under the fenders. the replacements are 700 x 38mm Serfas Vida tires. I was able to take it for a couple mile test ride. The bike shifted great and the coaster brakes work fine. I’m quite happy with the outcome.

I was going for an updated classic French Art-Deco look. The handlebars are copies of classic French city bars and the “Zeppelin” fenders ooze Art Deco. One could pop out for fromage et vin after a long day riding a brevet.

I plan to remove the front brake at some point, once I feel comfortable depending on the coaster brake alone. I also put off running the lighting wires through the frame. It’s just too much fiddly, time-consuming work at this time. I’ll also probably tie a leather turk’s head knot on the kickstand to match the ones on the handlebars.

Specs and photos after the jump! Sorry for the cluttered photos. I couldn’t get outside due to the weather.

Specs: Bike and Wheelset

Added: Velo-Orange Zepelin Fenders, Serfas Vida Tires, Handmade leather grips, Avenir front light, Spanninga Pixeo rear light

wpid-IMG_20140114_123431.jpg wpid-IMG_20140114_123545.jpg wpid-IMG_20140113_141629.jpg wpid-IMG_20140114_123514.jpg wpid-IMG_20140114_123411.jpg wpid-IMG_20140114_123531.jpg wpid-IMG_20140113_141644.jpg wpid-IMG_20140114_123556.jpg

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