wpid-2012-05-22_15-55-38_118.jpgHere is the current collection of bicycles gracing my cyclery. I will add photos and descriptions as I have time. Some may not be up-to-date or appear at all until spring of 2013 when I can get good outdoor photos.

My Personal Bicycles:

1977 Raleigh Tourist DL-1

Purchased at Blazing Saddles, this DL-1 is in pretty rough, but mechanically sound shape. I plan to replace the twist-grip shifter with a trigger shifter salvaged from “The Oxford” below, add Schwalbe Delta Cruisers in cream (already on hand), replace the brake pads with Kool Stops, and disassemble and overhaul in spring 2013. Photos are as-purchased and look way better than in person. There’s a lot of touch-up work and polishing to do. The current tires are Kenda gum tires (not gumwalls, but entirely gum). I’ve never seen a pair like these before.

wpid-2012-11-16_12-33-05_798.jpgwpid-2012-11-16_12-33-57_549.jpg  wpid-2012-11-16_12-33-14_240.jpg

1967-69 Hercules

This is my current favorite bike to ride. I picked it up in very rough shape (rusty and banged up paint) for a great price. Completely disassembled, removed rust, oiled, greased, touched up, polished, and generally overhauled everything. Black wrapping is inner tube strips. Since these photos, I have replaced badly rusted original steel rims with sun CR-18 alloy rims, installed Schwalbe Delta Cruisers in cream, found and installed a Hercules-branded hockey-stick chain guard, and flipped the handlebars back over to the upright position.

wpid-2012-09-11_13-15-25_984.jpg wpid-2012-09-11_13-15-49_468.jpg wpid-2012-09-10_12-25-51_347.jpg

1974 Raleigh Sports

I haven’t done much with this bike except grease or oil bearings, wax, add black cork grips, and install Schwalbe Delta Cruisers in cream. I plan to add racks and lighting and do a more thorough overhaul in spring of 2013. The paint and bike overall is in excellent shape and is a pleasing color not unlike root beer when viewed in the sun. It has it’s original brown Brooks saddle that is still in fairly good condition.


1995ish Trek T-50 Tandem

I bought this new from Eddie’s in Stow, Ohio. The last photo is prior to spring 2012, when I built wooden fenders, replaced the handlebars, and added Cloud Nine saddles. The whole family used to ride the “bike train” with a tag-along and a Burley trailer. This has been a fantastic bicycle over the years, but my back couldn’t handle the more aggressive position. The alterations have made it a pleasant ride once again. I’d like to replace the cruiser bars with Velo Orange Montmartre bars at some point.

wpid-2012-04-08_18-19-27_436.jpg wpid-2012-04-08_18-18-57_173.jpg wpid-2012-04-08_18-19-42_816.jpg

1990’s Mongoose Xtracycle Electric Cargo

This bike was originally put together with a low-cost department-store bike and then replaced with the current bike purchased off Ebay. It’s a lot of bike to handle, and I’ve put a large number of miles on it. The bottom photo shows the battery rack that I built and the electric hub controller.

2005ish Department Store Electric Build

Purchased at the same time as the above bike. Photos to come.

1990 Schwinn World

This was picked up by my vigilant spouse and kids at a local garage sale for around $50. I overhauled and converted it to single speed. More information and photos here. It’s my lightest weight bike at around 25 lbs.


1989 Schwinn

1989 Schwinn World Sport Single-Speed Project

1990 Schwinn Worldwpid-2012-06-23_14-50-02_379.jpg

1980’s Concord Freedom 12

This was what got me started refurbishing bikes. It’s a very large 27″ frame that I got from the local Goodwill store. I hung it up, not wanting to get rid of it, but I couldn’t ride it with drop handlebars. I converted it to single-speed, purchased a new 700c wheelset, touched up the frame, made wooden fenders, and made a custom LED light.

wpid-2012-07-26_17-34-05_810.jpgwpid-2012-03-29_11-28-30_653.jpg  wpid-2012-03-29_11-28-42_262.jpg Concord Freedom 12

2008ish Dahon Yeah! Folder

Picked up a pair of these from the RV Superstore. Photos to come.

1970’s Dahon Stowaway

Found at a thrift store in Sunset Beach, North Carolina. It lay under a beach house for years. The Sachs 3-speed hub was crusty with salt and filth, but cleaned up well. I used electrolysis to remove the rust. It currently waits for reassembly. The folding lock is completely corroded and I need to make something to replace it.


Long-Wheelbase Recumbent

Here’s one of the bikes I built. The donor bike is the last photo. It’s fairly heavy, but rides well. I’ve taken it on long rides and it’s very comfortable (the seat has padding now). Make your own with these instructions:

Retro-Direct 2-Speed Tall Bike

I knocked this together out of my original crappy Xtracycle frame, my dad’s old mountain bike, and plenty of bits from my parts stash. It is possibly the only retro-direct tall bike around. One pedals forward for low gear and backwards for high gear. Better photos to come.

wpid-2012-06-16_13-14-28_601.jpgwpid-2012-06-16_14-06-23_490.jpg wpid-2012-06-16_14-06-39_258.jpg

1950’s “The Oxford”

I picked this up as a parts bike, but will probably strip it down, repaint it, and convert it to a loaner single speed, coaster-brake bike. It has a nice Brampton 3-speed hub (a very high-quality Sturmey-Archer clone) which may get used elsewhere. I’d like to know more about it’s history, but Google has nothing for me. It has oilers for the hubs and bottom bracket. It’s English, and I think it may be a Hercules from the 50’s, but I’m not sure. The chainguard cleaned up surprisingly well and is installed on my red Schwinn World.

wpid-2012-10-20_12-28-08_683.jpg wpid-2012-10-20_12-26-43_380.jpg wpid-2012-10-20_12-27-32_521.jpg wpid-2012-10-20_12-25-54_427.jpg

Center-Steer Recumbent

This was an experiment and my first welding project. It’s very difficult to ride, but gets easy with practice. Currently the frame resides in my garage attic.

Spouses’ Bicycles (mostly under my care):

1979-80 Raleigh Sports DL-22l

This is a nearly-perfect example with approximately 2 small scratches on the frame. Everything is as-new. It was ridden once and parked for 30 years.

wpid-2012-08-14_13-44-45_267.jpgwpid-2012-08-14_17-16-01_146.jpg wpid-2012-08-14_17-15-41_802.jpg

1971 Raleigh Sports DL-22l

wpid-2012-08-14_17-21-09_384.jpg wpid-2012-08-14_17-21-20_12.jpg wpid-2012-08-14_17-21-32_826.jpg

1968 Raleigh Tourist DL-1l

This bike is in fantastic shape for its age. Another “ridden once and parked” example.


wpid-2012-11-16_12-29-37_350.jpg wpid-2012-11-16_12-30-58_649.jpg wpid-2012-11-16_12-29-07_43.jpg wpid-2012-11-16_12-30-37_982.jpg

1989 Schwinn World Tourist

1970 Mikado Mixte

1970’s Motobecane Nomade I Mixte

2008ish Dahon Yeah!

Kids’ Bikes:

1980’s Huffy Olympia “Strawberry”

I pieced this together from spare parts and a trash-picked 10-speed. I converted it to 3-speed (Shimano 333) with aluminum rims, high-pressure red tires, red and black chain, and generic North Road handlebars. It has very low gearing and is a fun, comfortable ride.

wpid-2012-08-08_13-28-52_759.jpgwpid-2012-05-26_13-20-15_653.jpg wpid-2012-05-26_13-20-26_796.jpg

1990’s Mongoose “Swoop”

Another bike from the parts heap. I purchased Velo Orange Porteur handlebars, laced up aluminum rims, and bent a shiny Connecticut quarter for the head badge. It’s a sweet-looking bike and fun to ride. It’s a favorite around here.

wpid-2012-08-13_10-49-05_910.jpg wpid-2012-08-08_13-30-31_229.jpg wpid-2012-08-11_17-56-02_834.jpg wpid-2012-08-08_13-30-51_162.jpg wpid-2012-08-13_10-48-55_76.jpg

1970 Robin Hood

I picked this Raleigh-built, English 3-speed from a gentleman clearing out the bikes he and his late father had collected. It’s in rough shape, but will spiff up nicely in the spring. It’s for my oldest boy.

wpid-2012-11-08_11-58-20_768.jpg wpid-2012-11-08_11-58-53_547.jpg wpid-2012-11-08_12-00-07_641.jpg

Long-Wheelbase Kid’s Recumbent

Built this for the kids. Here’s how:

1970’s Motobecane

1980’s Concord

1976 Raleigh Space Rider

2012 “Bounce”

2012 “Pixel”

Kids’ Home Built Tandem

Other Bikes:

1970’s Huffy Sea Pines

This was a gift for my mom in September, 2012. Did a major overhaul, installed Schwalbe Delta Cruisers, bell, vintage mirror, cork grips, handlebar basket with flowers, and sewed up a seat cover. She really enjoys it and rides it almost every day.


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