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Bike Trip June 15th


Fallen tree on the path!

Went out on the towpath with the family vintage 3-speed collection.

Traveled south near Navarre to within a few miles of the southern terminus. It’s a lovely low-traffic area that feels like an old carriage path – highly recommended!

Bike project: 1971 Schwinn Super Sport

Here’s my latest (and hopefully last for a while) bike project – a 1971 Schwinn Super Sport. These bikes were fillet-brazed by hand. This type of construction is fairly uncommon in modern bikes. You can read more about these bikes here:

This bike received a thorough cleaning and greasing. I converted the heavy one-piece Ashtabula crank to a modern 3-piece crank using an insert and sealed bottom bracket. I also upgraded most of the heavy steel groupset with decent vintage suntour parts from a more modern Schwinn bike that was converted to single speed.

It weighs in at 29 pounds as pictured. I find the ride quick, maneuverable, and fairly comfortable. The smooth fillets and bright yellow paint are quite lickably pleasing!



Past Projects: Center steer bike

This bike is my version of a center-steer, negative-trail “Python” recumbent bike that I built around 5 years ago. It was my first welding project and my first bike. This style of bike is supposed to be unrideable. This isn’t the case in reality; it’s just difficult and takes practice.

For me, it was more of a proof of concept, rather than something to ride seriously. The frame is in my garage attic and most of the components have found homes in other projects.

Bike project: 1978ish Huffy Sea Pines

Here’s a 70′s vintage ladies Huffy “Sea Pines” 3-speed I picked up for cheap. It’s slated to be a birthday present for my mom (so don’t mention it to her until after the end of the month, please!). It needed refurbishment badly. After disassembly, cleaning, rust removal, polishing, and a few new parts, it looks very good and runs at least as good as new.


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