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Project of the day: Secure shell backup monitoring with Droid phone

Warning: Nerd Content!

Through a series of hardware failures, I ended up picking up an Iomega iConnect NAS device and a new broadband router. I can now connect to my wireless network with my Droid phone.

The iConnect’s backup interface doesn’t seem to like working with a terabyte or so of info, but luckily it runs linux. A simple setting/hack turns on secure shell access, so I can set up backups using the cron and rsync. A complete backup takes around 18 hours or so. I like to monitor things, and the Droid market had a free app called ConnectBot that acts as an ssh client, so I can keep an eye on things from my phone.

Here’s a screenshot of my Droid running top on the iConnect. This type of thing makes nerds happy. I also figured out how to do screenshots on my Droid. This also makes nerds happy.

SSH to Iomega iConnect media server via Droid phone

SSH to Iomega iConnect NAS via Droid phone