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Winter project: completed bike!

wpid-IMG_20140114_123451.jpgMy city bike is finished! I had to swap out the new tires for another set that I had. At 42mm, they were too big to fit under the fenders. the replacements are 700 x 38mm Serfas Vida tires. I was able to take it for a couple mile test ride. The bike shifted great and the coaster brakes work fine. I’m quite happy with the outcome.

I was going for an updated classic French Art-Deco look. The handlebars are copies of classic French city bars and the “Zeppelin” fenders ooze Art Deco. One could pop out for fromage et vin after a long day riding a brevet.

I plan to remove the front brake at some point, once I feel comfortable depending on the coaster brake alone. I also put off running the lighting wires through the frame. It’s just too much fiddly, time-consuming work at this time. I’ll also probably tie a leather turk’s head knot on the kickstand to match the ones on the handlebars.

Specs and photos after the jump! Sorry for the cluttered photos. I couldn’t get outside due to the weather.

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The fish of spring!

Came across a small pool filled with a dozen or so fish. It’s great to see the world waking again!

Updated site

So I’ve updated my personal site. It’s apparently all connected with Facebook as well. Hopefully I’ll actually post instead of leaving the site half broken for several years. Sheesh … enjoy …